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"I've always wanted to do a winter inspired shoot with the idea of using a dress made of wool. When I discovered OU MA'S gorgeous creations, I built the idea for the shoot around the dresses. I loved the uniqueness to them - the different shapes and the varying yarn textures. The idea came for an icy, wintery blue wedding inspiration shoot with a fashion edge. I asked the talented Erin from ERIN BRAUN DESIGNS if she would be willing to help bring it all together and I'm so glad she accepted the challenge. She took my idea and ran with it and put together a simple but perfectly styled and beautiful shoot." - from photography Kylee Yee.

The secluded white sand beaches off Long Island provided an ideal clean white setting for this wintry shoot. The movement and ripples in the water and sand was the perfect compliment to the organic textures in the handmade textiles of the dresses. I love how the gowns are simple and modern yet intricate and detailed all at once, so I really kept this blend of aesthetics at the forefront for all of the styling details. To add interest I used a lot of texture and varieties in the florals and fabrics, while still keeping them understated, simple, and lush with a palette of soft neutrals, white, and touches of blue.The effortless styling of the bride brought the right amount of elegance and femininity to the already beautifully artistic winter day and we are thrilled with the breathtaking results.

Published on Magnolia Rouge

Photographer: Kylee Yee

Wedding Cake: Nine Cake

Florist: Erin Braun Design

Sationery: Erin Braun Design

Stylist: Erin Braun Design

Hair & make-up: Erica Luong

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