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Designer Story - Ou Ma

Born and raised in Beijing, China, owner and designer Ou Ma grew up in an artistic environment. Watching her grandfather paint Chinese traditional paintings every day, Ma started to develop an eye for art and a taste for design.

‘I still remember the moment when I first watched Paris Couture Fashion Week - my heart was pumping so fast and I’ve never had that feeling before’, said Ma, ‘I was so amazed by the texture, the material, the beading, and especially what John Galiano did for Dior back then, every show was a story’. That was the moment Ma knew she wanted to be a fashion designer and it had never changed.

Ma’s grandfather’s painting practice made a huge impact on how Ma designs and interprets her inspiration. She likes to use the fabric, the draping, and the lace placement as her brush stroke to paint ‘rhythm’ onto the garment. Asymmetry and organic flow are huge design elements throughout her collections, in which the audience can see the cultural and art influence from her early years.

Graduated Summa Cum Laude at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, Ma cut her teeth with the prestigious design team at Calvin Klein Made-to-Measure Atelier and, later, worked alongside the Reverend Mr. Ralph Lauren while on the design team at Ralph Lauren Women’s Collection. During her years at Ralph Lauren, Ma started to make custom bridal gowns for private clients, family, and friends. She found her joy in creating unique and one-of-a-kind dresses and felt fulfilled seeing her brides walking down the aisle in her designs.

After relocating to Vancouver, Canada and marrying her middle school sweetheart, Ma created her own label, where she has made over 150 custom dresses for brides over the past few years, including brides who ordered and fitted the dress completely online during the pandemic.


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