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Ou Ma

Intrinsically artistic and vividly expressive, Artistic Director and Designer, Ou Ma, is the Beijing-born, Fashion Institute of Technology educated, couture-trained, passionate force in creative expression and exquisite tailoring at OUMA.


The tactile and artistic mediums of illustration and painting found Ma at an early age while growing up in Beijing. This innate talent inspired her to shift from the canvas to physical expression, where movement, intent and emotion can come to life in the space between fabric, form, culture and the human experience to create something of deep emotional resonance. From Beijing to New York City, Ma graduated summa cum laude at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City where her burgeoning talent was fostered and vividly flourished.


Ma’s aesthetic is a myriad of perspectives cultivated by her cultural influence, ignited by her years spent designing in the metropolitan city of New York, and influenced by an empathetic desire to help women find their own inner confidence, ultimately expressing and emoting their unique reason for being — making visible that which is not yet seen.

Ou Ma wedding dress designer O M Couture
Ou Ma wedding dress designer O M Couture


As a newly minted FIT graduate, Ma cut her teeth with the prestigious design team at Calvin Klein Made-to-Measure Atelier and, later, worked alongside the revered Mr. Ralph Lauren while on the design team at Ralph Lauren Women’s Collection. Consistently celebrated and creatively influential, Ma is quickly changing the couture bridal space through her work in defining new romance through her adaption of the cliché into the avant-garde.


The OUMA label is the eponymous creation of Artistic Director and Designer, Ou Ma. With over 16 years spent designing, Ma has dressed celebrities from the likes of Anne Hathaway, Christy Turlington, and Kate Winslet, and has received major accolades in Vogue Italia, WWD, and Her designs have been showcased at New York Fashion Week.


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