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OUMA Retailer - Honey Bridal

Boutique Name: Honey Bridal

Location: Chicago, U.S.A

Boutique owner: Hallie Borden & Dana Karlov

In business since: 2017

Tell us something unique about your store:

We focus on independent designers who produce their gowns sustainably and ethically.

Your stylist's favorite OUMA dress and how do they style it?

Serena! We'd style her with a low, slicked back ponytail, cascading pearl hairpiece, and low block heels.

How would you describe the OUMA brand? 

Epic, couture, and cool.

Share your top 3 tips for bridal dress shopping:

1: You don't have to participate in any tradition that doesn't feel right to you

2: Do more research upfront and try on fewer gowns

3: Ask your stylist to pick a "wildcard." Something totally different than what you've asked for, but that they think would look great on you.

OUMA dresses at Honey Bridal:

Ivy & cape, Hazel, Rowan, Serena, Zephyr mini & detachable skirt, Laurene, Selene, Adelina, Elena, Amanda.


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